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Does My Bomb Look Big in This? written by Nyla Levy produced by Tamasha & Nyla Levy

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Diary of a Hounslow Girl written by Ambreen Razia (one woman show)

What's On Live * * * *

Holding the audience captive for the full 90 minutes, Nyla Levy is an engaging, energetic lead, bringing the character vividly to life... Her Shaheeda is warm, funny, thoughtful and highly observant, if a bit of a dreamer.

Nyla Levy gives a captivating performance as Shaheeda, engaging the audience from the outset with just the right balance of wit, street attitude and energy. Switching effortlessly between the characters, she quickly creates a whole world of people, with the various personalities, all becoming instantly recognisable from the slightest change of posture or voice.

Pocket Sized Theatre * * * *

It requires a lot of stamina for an actor to single-handedly carry out a fast-paced 90-minute performance... but Nyla Levy nails it.


Nyla Levy is brilliant in the role of Shaheeda. She's witty and upbeat, but also stirring when the dialogue suddenly becomes serious. 

As warmly written as the play is, it is down to Levy to keep the energy and momentum of the production up, which she is more then capable of doing. She moves between Shaheeda and impressions of her family at a fast speed, never dropping the rhythm of the piece.


The play is a powerful drama but is also light and funny, with a likeable and engaging lead performance from Levy. She does the Hounslow girls proud.

My eyes were hooked and my ears were listening to every word she said throughout the 90 minute show – showing just how phenomenal Nyla’s talent is.

Daily Info 
Press shots by Suzi Corker

Finding Fatimah 

Written & Directed by Oz Arshad

Finding Fatimah is a tale of one man’s struggle to find love against the odds.

Funny and heart-warming, Finding Fatimah is a hilarious look at the modern British Muslim dating scene. It releases nationwide in UK cinemas from April 21.

Nyla Levy plays the brash, cutting and sassy - 'Insta_Princess_xx'.  Giving the leading man, Shahid (Danny Ashok) a very difficult dating experience...

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